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Love status is the best way to express your feelings with your loved one, we have a collection of romantic love status in English for girlfriends and your boyfriends, love status for WhatsApp, love status and our for WhatsApp and FB Explore the list of collections and Instagram in English.

Love is just a word unless someone gives a special meaning. So we give you love quotes or love status messages through which you can express your feelings and thoughts.

So, don’t waste your time now, take a review of the top best love status here.

Love Status In English for Girlfriend

romantic love status

1. When the heart is full, the brain cannot do one thing !!

2. I do not deny that I like you. Neither would I agree.

3. I will love you forever It doesn’t matter what happens to me. The distance cannot take us apart – it will bring us closer. True love waits and never surrenders … love

4. You are the most amazing, amazing, brilliant, smart, charming, vivacious …

5. Don’t love too much, don’t care too much, don’t trust too much; Because that too can hurt you a lot.

6. I don’t know if I like you or love you, you want or need you, I know I love that feeling when I have you.

7. We fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, and make love like first love.

8. I don’t hate Peøple, I’m just beside me, still, I am

9. It is not to look at each other in love, but to look together in the same direction.

10. Love bees … people love money … but I love you

11. The greatest healing is friendship and love. Giving love is an education in itself.

12. We fall in love by chance but we love choice.

13. Let love be your inspiration – the inspiration behind everything.

14. You were my secret smile… now you are my clear tear…

15. If your heart was in jail, I could have served a life sentence.

Love Status in English for Boyfriend

love status for him

16. Lovers derive their miseries from their misfortunes. happy Valentine’s Day

17. Hatred leaves ugly scars … Love leaves beautiful. happy Valentines Day

18. Faith makes all things possible. Love makes them easy. happy Valentines Day

19. The best feeling is seeing your crush, your crush is already staring at you.

20. When a couple is arguing over who loves whom more, the one who loses is the real winner.

21. Forgiveness is the ultimate form of love. Familiar acts are beautiful through love.

22. I am inherently funny because my life is a joke.

23. All love stories are beautiful but our favorite

24. Love him like you are the worst. Love him like you’re the best.

25. If someone gives you a second chance, try not to waste it as the same person again.

26. Sometimes when I see you, I can’t speak very much, my mind thinks more than my heart …

27. I have decided to stick to love because hatred is too big to bear.

28. Honestly, I am excited about the future. I know that I am going to be great and do great things.

29. It is the best feeling to hang around with you while we sleep.

30. Do not fall in love, grow in love every day.

Heart Touching Status in English for WhatsApp

love status in english

31. I love the way you make me smile even when nothing is fun

32. Its sweetness is in one’s thoughts but safe in one’s heart.

33. I love when you smile but I love when I cause it

34. I go to sleep after eating .. If I give you my food or text late at night, then make a special request to me

35. Baby … your “my KFC” … and … m your … “mac” .. bcoz you..r “soooo gooood” and “I’m Loving It …”.

36. Relationships never become a natural death…. 

37. There is only one happiness in life…. Love is love and faith is forever

38. Some love lasts a lifetime. True love is immortal happy Valentines Day

39. Within you, I lose myself. Without you, I want to lose myself again. happy Valentines Day

40. Sometimes you ask me what I want, I really want you to want me the way I want you

41. Last seen in someone’s heart. Where their love is their life !!

42. Love is life but love is honest. U and ME make an amazing WE

43. Do not fall for anyone, make that person fall for u …

44. Time can change everything, but not my love for you.

45. When you talk to a woman… see with her eyes…

One Line Love Status in English for My Wife

love sad status

46. Flip coin, head I’m your tail you’re mine

47. Love will Find a way…. Apathy will find an excuse.

48. I found a way to love everyone but I did not learn how to love others.

49. Real love stories never have endings. Hope is the love of life.

50. Everyone wants a happy ending, but apart from me I never want a happy ending with u

51. I know you’re having a dream … but people say dreams come true

52. It would be better to have less pain than love alone…

53. As long as it loves you… Hours become minutes with you.

54. Love is the only thing that makes you laugh even more

55. I love the way you love me. 🙂 🙂

56. I feel good when you act silly around me. 🙂

57. The person who says too much….I don’t love…. is in love.

58. It doesn’t matter how much you flirt throughout the day, at night you always love thinking about U …

59. Absence intensifies love, presence strengthens it.

60. Someone who truly loves you will not make you feel like you need to constantly struggle for their attention.

Romantic WhatsApp Status for My Husband

sad love status

61. We loved a love that surpassed love. Make it short and simple, I love you.

62. Where you get true friendship, you get true love.

63. It’s not my fault that I fell for you, you implicated me.

64. To establish love. …… 44%. Installation failed. Error 404: Install Money First.

65. Nothing is impossible with love and patience.

66. Honeymoon is the bottle of wine, the wife is a bottle of wine.

67. When I am with you I am someone else, someone else like me.

68. Dance like no one is watching, And it will never be like love.

69. Understanding is the essence of love. True love stories never have endings.

70. The woman we love will always be right. The sweetest happiness… The sweetest rivalry is love.

71. Be a lover, not a fighter. But always fight for what you love.

72. I still care, that’s the problem. You can rest in my life forever

73. If you love me I’m sure I love you just as much .. sure

74. Love is like a dream when it’s just me and you when

75. When the words fail, the tears speak. I can’t see myself without you

76. Love the truth generously… Love is when you first feel your child inside you.

77. Your little hands stole my heart the moment I saw you. I love you my son

78. The greatest happiness in life is that we fall in love. There is one and one in love.

79. Like the infinite dreams of a child, is the infinity of love.

80. Waking up with a big smile on a small face makes my heart melt

Love Status in English for Him from Her

whatsapp status love

81. I love you with everything I have babe, you are amazing, and don’t know what id is without you!

82. It is difficult right now, we both know that however, we can make it through it. U + Me, babe!

83. When you text me my day immediately gets better. It lets me know that you want me.

84. Hey, did I mention that I kinda fell in love with you?

85. If there is something that I have learned that it is okay to be defective – because sometimes those defects attract the right person.

86. Okay so you caught my attention, now what are you going to do to keep it?

87. If you do not wish someone love and attention, someone else will.

88. If you don’t pay attention to him that he needs someone there, then there is always someone who will like him too.

89. I know what I have done and I know what I should do so please accept my apology and remember that I love you

90. God knows I love you, but some days I just want to wring your neck !!

Romantic Love Status in English

status love

91. The anniversary comes once a year but the love you share with your true love comes every day.

92. There is no love more than a wagging tail, a licking on the face, and a hot paw. Love my dogs

93. Love your pets, it does not matter because one day they can leave, then you realize how much they really mean to you.

94. Lives for Love…. And like to live. lives for Love. Without love … you don’t live.

95. Hunting is not a sport, on the other hand, they do not know they are playing!

96. Love does not ask me any questions…. And gives me endless support.

97. The strongest proof of love is sacrifice.

98. I sent you a messenger to investigate and he came back, I asked him why he didn’t check on the other angels?

99. Angels kiss from above. Never forgetting but loving forever

100. I love our patriotism, it is our goal that scares me!

101. It’s not letting go… Rather, to realize that WhatsApp doesn’t mean it needs to be strong enough to accept it.

102. Age doesn’t matter but what matters is your true feelings and your relationship

103. If I don’t want to talk to you then I’m sorry I can’t be close to you. Because everyone gets close to me … hurts me.

104. Love means not asking for affection!

105. Gold has a heart but does not benefit or it becomes a heart of stone.

Heart Touching WhatsApp Love Status

true love status

106. Addiction does not just hurt the person who hurts their loved ones who try to reach out and help.

107. Abuse is when someone you love brings you less than anyone else and enjoys it.

108. Don’t tell me you love me one day, then put bruises on my body the next day…

109. There is only one reason to fight with you. Always one reason .. I love you and I do not want to lose you

110. Sometimes I’m afraid to look at your beautiful eyes because I don’t want to fall in love with you anymore

111. Creating a relationship is easy .. the hardest part is maintaining it.

112. The worst fight is that which goes on between your heart and your mind. You never know who to listen to.

113. Nothing like time and love. Nobody ever loved…. Nobody has a sense of humor in love.

114. Love is a platform on which all ranks meet. There is nothing like love in life.

115. Email and text will never replace the voice or face.

116. Love is blind…. And marriage is a real eye-opener. happy Valentines Day

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