Romantic Flirty Quotes for Her & Crush with Images

Flirty Quotes for Her – Flirting is something that we all enjoy in life and the best flirty text takes your relationship to the next level by making the conversation fun.

If you are looking for the best love quotes to share with those you love or just want to feel inspired by yourself, then browse an amazing collection of cute quotes in love quotes, romantic love notes and I will give you some Love more than quotes too.

Flirty Quotes for Her

cute flirty quotes for her

1. I heard that fresh juice is good for our body, but .. Gosh, how much are you drinking it?

2. Do you believe in love at first sight? Of course, we are adults and we understand that it is much more complicated than that. But I want to explore every level of human emotion with you.

3. Something has happened to my eyes, I just can’t take them away from you.

4. How could you possibly be this beautiful? You are a piece of art. God’s work. Can we just pretend that I deserve you and you’ll be mine for the rest of our lives?

5. Today my friend asked me why I am smiling like an idiot. I was just thinking of you.

6. Just to let you know that you have to be jailed for stealing my heart. What you do to me is completely illegal, baby.

7. You are so amazing, just like Bounty, a wonderful piece of heaven on earth!

8. How many stars have you counted as if you were falling from the sky, little angel? I have never seen such a beautiful yet humble beauty. Can you teach me the language of angles? I promise to be the most grateful student.

Good Morning Flirty Quotes for Her

good morning flirty quotes for her

9. While I lay on my bed and was sleeping, I realized that all I can do is fall for you. You drive me crazy, baby.

10. Listen, I have a serious problem, it is very important. I just can’t stop… thinking about you! You stole mine and my heart, girl.

11. You look so familiar … I think I saw you somewhere, maybe in my dreams …

12. Hey dear In my mind you must be tired after running all day.

13. You know you’re so beautiful … Your smile can light up the city of La after dark and all the stars in the sky.

14. It is said that nothing lasts forever. I would like to ask you, will you be nothing to me?

15. If I thought of you every time I was a candy bar, I would get fat, but still sad and won’t miss you!

16. I wish you were here, I would show you how much I miss you. I hope soon I will see you and I will get a chance to feel about you, girl.

Flirty Quotes for Crush

flirty quotes for crush

17. You can fall from a mountain, or you can fall from a tree, but the right way for you to fall, is to fall in love with me.

18. By the way, it should be illegal to look that damn perfect!

19. Nice, pretty, funny, smart, charming … Well, enough about me. Now please tell me about yourself.

20. Why do you put your name on Facebook so often? Well, Facebook always asks what’s on my mind right now, and it’s you.

21. It happens that girls are like domain names – they cause what I like.

22. Can you please spend eternity on my behalf? I want to sink into those deeply attractive eyes. My heart beats fast when you’re around. These butterflies in my stomach did not let me sleep!

23. I lost my phone number, maybe I can be yours?

24. You’re familiar with me, I think we took some class together … and I’m sure it was chemistry.

Cute Flirty Messages for Her

romantic flirty quotes for crush

25. Do your parents like pasta? I want to meet them as soon as possible so I am already getting ready for our dinner. When I look at you, I want you to see everything forever.

26. If I think every time you had a dollar, I would get rich, but still missing you!

27. Please stop making up! It spoils perfect beauty.

28. Today my friend asked me if a girl was passing by or not. I can’t tell you because I can’t stop thinking about you. Your beauty is something that no one can beat.

29. You are magic … Every time I am with you the whole world disappears.

30. Your father is a crazy terrorist … that is for sure because you are a real bomb!

31. Can I skip that part when I say suspiciously nice things to make you like me and just get to the point? I want to ask you and spend evenings and evenings in your company. What do you say?

32. I’m thinking .. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk once more?

Romantic Flirting Messages for Him

flirty messages for him

33. May I have your picture, please tell Santa Claus my wish list.

34. So tell me about yourself, what do you do all day except look good?

35. I’ve never been a good photographer, but I can easily see us together. I feel that this thing between us is really special, baby.

36. In my opinion, a perfect lecture is like a girl’s skirt – sufficiently long to cover the subject, but short enough to maintain interest.

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