100+ Break Up Status for WhatsApp, FB & Instagram

Once in a person’s lifetime, everyone finds the perfect person of their dreams, with whom they have unbridled love and are always happy. But sometimes due to some misunderstanding, they lose each other love and relationship and they break up.

Therefore, we decided to dedicate this post to all our heartbroken readers and lovers. You can easily get a huge collection of breakup status, heartbroken status, love breakup quotes, and sad WhatsApp images in this post. Remember that you live only one life in one place.

Break Up Status for WhatsApp

break up status for whatsapp

1. One day you will like me and forgive me, but I will be too late.

2. One day you waiting for me but I will not come.

3. Sometimes it is better to be alone. Anybody can harm u …

4. You broke a promise and made me feel. It was all just lies.

5. I think I want to be held in my arms…

6. It is my decision to trust again, it is your choice to prove me wrong.

7. Never trust people who don’t understand your feelings.

8. Breakup is like a broken mirror, then it is better to try to fix yourself again than to give up.

9. It is very lonely when you do not even know yourself.

10. Dear Heart: Please stop being involved in everything. Your job is to pump blood…

Break Up Status in English

break up status in english

11. A heart with eyes and faith with dust always cries…

12. Love is the beautiful mistake of my life.

13. I will never learn to stop u. I can just learn to live without u and want to move without you.

14. Once, I fell in love with you.

15. The most painful goodbyes are those that have never been explained and said…

16. What do you do when something that was your everything is nothing?

17. I hope we meet again at….

18. I wish you were not in my dreams…

19. Love means we are never sorry. I certainly do not regret that we met and fell for each other. It was a wonderful time, but all good things come to an end and it is for me.

20. I feel crappy inside as if something broke.

Relationship Break Up Status

relationship break up status

21. People say to follow your heart. But when your heart breaks in two, which way do you go?

22. It is easy to cry when you feel that someone you love will reject you or die.

23. My weakness is that I care so much.

24. Pain is an inevitable sufferer.

25. Friend not enemy, just stranger than some memories.

26. I miss your smile, but I miss you.

27. Pain is unavoidable. Suffering is optional.

28. The most painful memory. When I left and you let me go.

29. Friendship also causes heartbreak.

30. Everyone has a best friend who is now a stranger.

Break Up Quotes with Attitude

break up status with attitude

31. My pillow, a pathetic book in your name written with your tears.

32. Sometimes I keep my feelings to myself because it is difficult for anyone else to understand them.

33. One day you will be just a memory.

34. You don’t remember what hurts It is knowing that I was with you and lost you.

35. I restore myself when I’m alone.

36. People leave… .but the heart never forgets them.

37. It is very difficult to move forward …….

38. When I see you in my dreams, what I feel is full of joy. I because I cannot see, hear, and hear you in reality, because I love knowing that I can know in my dreams.

39. I am not alone I have imaginary friends.

40. You do not deserve my love if you need reasons to find me worthy of you. Bye.

Positive Break Up Quotes

positive break up quotes

41. It is sad how quickly we became strangers to each other. It seems like we don’t love each other even for a moment!

42. Sometimes I keep my feelings to myself because it is difficult for anyone else to understand them.

43. The heart was made to be broken.

44. Hurt was built to break.

45. Sometimes I keep my feelings to myself because it is difficult for anyone else to understand them.

46. I really have to tear you down to open myself up. But you are stuck.

47. No matter what I do. I always forget to forget you.

48. It is better to be alone than to be with Mon who feels alone.

49. The most painful memory I have is when I left, and you left me.

50. I love you for hate you for not loving me another but I hate myself for still loving you.

Break Up Motivational Quotes

break up motivational quotes

51. Being alone is a difficult task in life.

52. You don’t waste much time thinking about me …

53. There are some people who are not there to fit in your life, no matter how much you want them.

54. A friendship that can never end!

55. Instead of nurturing our relationship with integrity, you solved it with lies. Instead of using your love to portray a rainbow, you gave me a dark color on the sky of my life.

56. When you break someone’s heart and someone else breaks you up, only then will you feel the pain of a broken heart.

57. Never regret that you lost your love because one day he would realize that he had lost a diamond when he was busy collecting useless stones.

58. The hardest part of life is when you know that he is happier than you.

59. Never try to find the best in person because one day when that person is gone then you will feel that he is the best person in your life.

60. One day he just broke my heart and my friends asked me, give us the reason why you still love him, I started looking and pointing towards the sky and said… start counting stars in the sky.

Love Break Up Messages

love break up messages

61. It is said that tears have great value when falling from the eyes, I realized this myself when you left me and started falling from mine.

62. Last words after breakup from a lover- My absence will not make any difference to your life, but I still truly love you and no man can take my place in your heart.

63. I will wait until the end of my life until I forget you or until the day you realize that I am still a model for you.

64. My princess, I was born on the day you fell in love with me and I died the day you left me.

65. When two people love each other and have a breakup, they cannot be friends in life, because they hurt each other, nor be enemies because they loved each other, only The only thing left is that they become strangers to each other.

66. You are the person who broke my heart, you are the person who made me cry, you are the cause of failure in my life, but I still love you and I do not know why?

67. One of the most painful lines by a lover — if you will leave me alone in your life, I promise that you will return to my life, to see that my eyes are closed forever.

68. We cannot force a person to live in their life forever if they want to leave them, as love does not give you any right.

69. It is said that things like time, health, friends, and relationships never come with a price, but once we lost them, we only realized how precious they are to us.

70. The Most Amazing Idea Ever – Love happens when you break up with your lover, but love hurts the most when you realize that the person you love doesn’t know how much it bothers you.

Break Up Messages for Boyfriend

break up messages for boyfriend

71. I never hated myself because you never love me, but I hate myself because I still love you.

72. The most important thought you ever broke my heart, you betrayed me throughout my life, but I still love you with all the pieces.

73. What really hurts my heart is not how you make me feel lost today, but the memories of how you made me feel special earlier.

74. Having the best dream in life, the breakup seems like a bad dream.

75. As painful as it is, suffering heartache is still better than enduring all its lies forever.

76. Just because we broke up and I moved on with my life, it doesn’t mean I won’t remember you, you’re still the most special person in my life, whom I’ll never forget until my last breath.

77. Basically, the relationship is like broken glass, sometimes it is better to leave the pieces, rather than trying to keep all the broken pieces back.

78. Some people cry a lot after a breakup but that does not mean they are very weak in life, it only means that they have been strong throughout life.

79. I am breaking up with you, our relationship will die but our love will live forever.

80. The most painful thing is that you never tried to do something for the one you love most in your life as the years go by.

Break Up Quotes for Girlfriend

break up messages for girlfriend

81. Never take care of my sweet sweet princess, I will find someone to love you more in my life.

82. Go ahead and never stop your life because it is only one chapter of the book and there are new chapters in the whole book, have faith, someone is always waiting for you to spend your whole life with them.

83. If someone cheats on you, they never love you and there is no reason to stay back in their life.

84. The most painful line by a lover after breaking up- I went through your life and the most painful thing is that you let me go and never tried to come back to my life.

85. Our relationship was always a give and take until you stop giving but never give up.

86. My sweet princess, do you ever know what a past relationship means? It simply means that the word has ended.

87. If the heart is the strongest muscle according to science, why would it break so easily?

88. I want to break up you, but that doesn’t mean that I will hate you forever, my heart will just stop loving you.

89. Love is like an ice cube, the harder the friction you apply, the faster it melts and all that will be left in your hands is tears of a crushed and broken heart.

90. I only look at you when I close my eyes after a breakup, I miss you when I open my eyes.

Break  Up Status for Facebook

break up status for facebook

91. Just like you don’t care about each other, nothing has happened, it doesn’t mean you’ve moved on, it just hurts like hell you chose to be numb.

92. Time does not really heal the pain of a broken heart, it just makes the heart strong but the pain still remains.

93. It is better than being with people who cheat on you and never love you.

94. A breakup can teach you a lot of things in life except how you can forget your one true love.

95. It is always better not to love each other rather than to awaken your love for each other.

96. The day was sad, the day was dull, the day was hopeless… because it was the day you left.

97. Our relationship was my whole world but when I don’t see you, it breaks my world apart.

98. Before you ask me why I want a breakup, ask your heart why it is not beating for me as if it were used.

99. My love is always unconditional, but after the breakup, I realized that your love was only provisional.

100. The hardest thing in life is not talking to anyone, you used to talk to me every day.

Break Up Status for Instagram

break up status for instagram

101. If a person leaves you and has never returned to your life, it is better to let him go completely and move on, maybe the wait you are waiting for will completely set you free.

102. It is said that if you ever love someone, let them be alone if they realize that you are what they will come back and you can say that it is true love.

103. I only had one important priority in our relationship and that is you. The problem was that we both had different priorities.

104. Sometimes, breakups are bitter pills that will cure you of the most toxic relationships forever.

105. You always tried to make our relationship perfect, while I constantly believed that our relationship was already perfect and there were no flaws in it.

106. The lover asked his girl how do you bear your broken heart easily, how do you heal all your pain so quickly, while I am still dying for your love, I do not know why?

107. Sadly, someone can go because of your smile because you cry yourself to sleep.

108. One day, I hope you have taken a look back at what we had and regret everything you did, let it be over.

109. Please don’t blame me for leaving now, because you had let go of a long time ago.

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