50+ Advance Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Messages

Advance Happy Birthday Wishes – Life has become quite complicated. The quest to achieve the best in life has put all of us in a rat race, where it is impossible to get out.

We have really forgotten how to live in the moment, how to celebrate life, and how to make memories with loved ones. Life has become so busy for us that sometimes, we forget to wish our loved one a happy birthday. Forgetting to send your beloved a happy birthday is definitely a serious crime.

Imagine, how would you feel if your best friend forgot to send you a happy birthday in advance? One of the best ways to ensure that you don’t forget your loved one’s birthday is by sending them a happy birthday in advance.

In this comprehensive post, we have sentimental and heart-melting advance birthday wishes, birthday advance wishes and birthday wish messages with images that can make your loved ones feel in a super-special way before their birthday.

Advance Happy Birthday Quotes

advance happy birthday quotes

1. Your birthday celebration begins two days before the date and ends two days after the date. How special it is for us! happy B-Day!

2. Let me just remind you that the day you blessed us all is just a few hours’ time to come. I can’t help wishing you a happy birthday in advance!

3. I can be late in many things in life, but I cannot be late in wishing you a happy birthday! A blast my dear!

4. I wish you a better birthday than a few minutes before 12 o’clock. My heartfelt congratulations on changing [age].

5. I wish you a happy birthday only after the punctuality of life. This year, it is not going to be any different. happy Birthday!

6. There may always be other times to wish you a happy birthday, but for me, time is not an option. When I come on your birthday I am always ahead of others!

7. You should really consider stopping the birthday celebration each year. It has been scientifically proven that the more birthdays you celebrate, the closer you get to death. HBD in advance!

8. Just one day a year is not enough to celebrate this special occasion. This is why I wish you days before your birthday! Happy birthday my love!

Advance Birthday Wishes for Lover

advance birthday wishes for lover

9. As long as you are still young, enjoy your birthday. Because 20 years from now, it will also be really difficult to blow a candle. Happy birthday in advance!

10. No matter how much you try to hide your age, the wrinkles on your face are reminding me that your age is about to add another year. HBD in advance!

11. The good news is that you are over one year of age, but the bad news is that you are not smarter than the previous year. Happy birthday in advance!

12. For just a few hours and after that, you will not belong to the younger generation. congratulation! Always remember, old ones are gold!

13. If people were intelligent, they would stop celebrating their birthday. This will not prevent them from getting older, but it will definitely save a lot of money. Happy birthday in advance!

14. You have reached a point in life when your birthday cake is smaller than your stomach and candles make your hair fall out of two to one. happy Birthday!

15. No matter where you are, near or far, I will always be the first person to wish you a happy birthday. Because you are my best friend!

16. I do not have the most beautiful gift for you, but I have the best love and respect for you as a friend. You are always in my heart. HBD in advance!

Happy Birthday in Advance My Love

happy birthday in advance my love

17. You are so special to us that just wishing you for one day is not enough. Take my heartfelt love and best wishes for the special day!

18. I wish a box was ever so big that I could give all my love to you. I think I need to keep them in my heart forever. Happy birthday in advance!

19. The biggest blessing of my life is the chance to grow old with you. I am a lucky soul on this planet. Happy birthday in advance!

20. If ever there was an exhibition of the perfect works of God, you would not be the showstopper of that show. Happy birthday in advance my love!

21. You have set my heart on fire. I wish you would extinguish that fire like you blow candles on your birthday. Happy birthday in advance!

22. It is not only you growing old every year, it is also about me that I am growing old with my best friend in life. Happy birthday to you in advance!

23. If you did not come to this world on this day, you will never come to my world. This is a special day for me too. Happy birthday in advance!

24. Good friends wish birthday on time but great friends wish birthday in advance. I hope you know the difference now! HBD!

Advance Happy Birthday to You

advance happy birthday to you

25. I want you to know that our friendship is for a thousand years. That means I will never stop wishing you a happy birthday in advance!

26. You are so dear to me that not a single day is enough to wish you a happy birthday. So, I am sending you a happy birthday in advance with loads of love and affection!

27. Happy birthday wishes to the best and most loving girlfriend in the world. Baby, you breathe my life. Wish you a very happy birthday!

28. How can I miss an opportunity to wish you a happy birthday before anyone else? You know very well what your presence means to me. HBD is an advanced boyfriend!

29. Your birthday is very high. I have already made all plans to wish for your birthday on your birthday. Happy birthday to my younger brother!

30. Hey elder brother, I am going to send you a happy birthday in advance every day till your birthday comes. Happy birthday in advance!

31. Let us make your 18th birthday very special and fabulous. Starting today, I will send you a happy birthday in advance, before anyone else wants you. Happy birthday to you!

32. I know that others will greet you on time but I want to be the one who welcomes you before your birthday. So, I am sending you tons of happy birthday hugs and kisses in advance.

Advance Happy Birthday Images

advance happy birthday images

33. Happy birthday in advance my love! May your birthday be filled with wonderful surprises, loving wishes, and hopes for a better future!

34. It is very sad that I will miss your 18th birthday but all my love and blessings will be with you for all eternity. I know a greeting is not good enough, happy birthday anyway!

35. Hey brother, I want you to enjoy your teenager’s birthday to the fullest because later on, your life will be tainted with a lot of responsibilities. Happy birthday to you!

36. I do not have voluntary and precious gifts to give. But what I have is the utmost love and respect for you. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

37. As I do not want to be the second person to like you, therefore, I am sending my birthday wishes to my moon pie and lifeline. Happy birthday boyfriend in advance!

38. You kindle a fire in my heart that inspires me to do good things in life. You are truly a special person. I am sending you a happy birthday in advance with all my love and wonderful gifts.

39. Every year, you are growing up, and so I have your love for me. You are the best friend and lover anyone could ever ask for. Happy birthday in advance baby!

40. A week before your birthday, I am making a promise that on your birthday I will raise a toast for you, no matter where I live. Happy birthday in advance bestie!

Advance Happy Birthday Quotes for Bestie

advance happy birthday quotes for bestie

41. One day is not enough to celebrate the birthday of a terrible person like you. So, I will send you my birthday wishes in advance to celebrate your special day.

42. I hope this birthday will shatter success and happiness in your life. I am sending worldly birthday wishes with my sincere blessings!

43. It does not matter whether I will be present on your birthday or not, I will be the first to send you a very happy birthday!

44. For the first time, I am not going to make it on your birthday and it is really making me quite sad. Although I can’t do anything about it, I want to be the first person to congratulate you. HBD in advance!

45. With my first flight in the morning, my birthday wishes for you are also flying and will land directly in your bedroom. Wishing you a happy birthday in advance, happy and happy success!

46. As I have not been able to do on your birthday, I want you to make your special day unforgettable and smashing. HBD in advance!

47. I don’t have lavish gifts to give you, but I have a happy birthday quote in advance to make your birthday special. You are undeniably the best friend ever.

48. I know you love getting birthday wishes. So, Happy birthday to you millions, my love for you. Let’s rock this birthday and make it the best ever.

Advance Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

advance happy birthday messages for girlfriend

49. As you know I have this bad habit of forgetting every important date, I am sending you a happy birthday so that I do not have to face your scolding. Happy birthday in advance!

50. I want your birthday to be the best of all previous birthdays. Happy birthday in advance my friend!

51. The only constant thing in my changing life is your friendship. So, to pay tribute to our friendship, I am sending you a happy birthday in advance!

52. I just want to know from you that our friendship is greater than any circumstance, any hindrance, and any prejudice. Happy birthday in advance my friend!

53. Good friends are hard to find but cherished for a lifetime. I am very fortunate to have a loyal and reliable friend like you. Happy birthday to an advanced friend!

54. Happy birthday to the most honest and hardworking person and a wonderful friend. Miss you, friend!

55. Whenever you are on my side I feel so safe and comfortable. Thank you for protecting me all the time. Happy birthday to you, friend!

56. Before your birthday, all I want to say is that friends like you are not only worth living life but are also extraordinary. My best birthday wishes are the best gift for you!

Advance Happy Birthday SMS for Boyfriend

advance happy birthday sms for boyfriend

57. We have our fair share of cheerful and sad moments together. But the one thing that we celebrate all year long is your birthday. Wish you a very happy birthday!

58. It does not matter whether I will be present on your birthday or not. No matter what my best wishes will always be with you Happy birthday to the most amazing girlfriend!

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